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More than just a better lab
bottle, it‘s a complete system

One good turn
deserves another


    The optimized, ergonomic shape of the screw cap has comfortable grooves and ridges for a more efficient and easier tightening or removal, especially with smaller sized or gloved hands. The inverted cone form of the cap makes bottle handling easier and far safer.


    The shortened thread inside the cap permits faster opening and closing, yet it is fully compatible with standard DIN GL 45 glass bottle threads.


    The tried and tested cap plug sealing system ensures a liquid tight seal.


    A pre-defined labelling area on the cap is compatible with the dedicated DURAN® self-adhesive YOUTILITY label.

  • Product Features

    The YOUTILITY screw cap features an integrated two or three character Retrace Code to provide product traceability via a downloadable certificate. The cap is manufactured from a food grade polypropylene that is fully autoclavable and totally reusable.

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With the new glass thread, the opening or closing of the YOUTILITY bottles is significantly faster. Yet the thread remains fully compatible with DIN GL 45 closures and other accessories.

Show your
true colours

  • Colour Coding

    The colourful GL 45 Bottle Tags offer an elegant solution to the marking of laboratory bottles. The Bottle Tags can be easily and securely attached around the neck of the YOUTILITY bottle, even with the screw cap in place. The Bottle Tags feature a graspable tab that makes them easy to remove with bare or gloved hands.


    Eight playful colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white.


    The silicone Bottle Tags are chemically robust, heat resistant, fully autoclavable and totally re-usable.

Stepping up
to the mark

The total volume is clearly and unambigously indicated in durable white ceramic.

Get to grips
with your research

  • Grip zones

    The specially shaped gripping zones on both sides of the bottle permit easier and safer handling.

  • Space saving

    The slimmer YOUTILITY bottle shape allows a more optimal use of limited space in autoclaves and laboratory refrigerators. The bottles can be conveniently stacked horizontally on their sides.

  • Bottle labelling

    A pre-defined labelling area is compatible with the dedicated self-adhesive YOUTILITY bottle labels.


    Sequentially sized bottles 125, 250, 500 and 1000 ml.
    The glass bottles are moulded from the tried and tested DURAN® borosilicate 3.3, a pharmacopoeial Type 1 neutral glass. DURAN® glass offers a very good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance.


    As an alternative to clear DURAN® glass, the amber coloured glass offers protection against ultraviolet light for light sensitive material, and fully meets the requirements of the USP <660> and Eur. Ph. 3.2.1. The amber colour is permanently fired into the exterior glass surface. The treatment does not affect the properties of the inner surface of the bottle. The amber bottles can be used for the storage or transport of chemicals sensitive to light.

  • Retrace Code

    Integrated Retrace Code for full product traceability of the borosilicate glass bottle.

  • Optimised pack sizes

    Good things come in small packages. YOUTILITY bottles are available in smaller pack of four complete bottles.

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  • Youtility labels

    The YOUTILITY labels were developed to address the need for a reliable, short term method of sample, cap and bottle tracking and identification. The labels will stay on when you need them to do so, and are easy to remove when no longer required. This allows the bottles and caps to be quickly and easily cleaned, ready for re-use. After use, the YOUTILITY labels may be easily and completely removed by peeling.

  • Dual labelling

    There are two types of YOUTILITY labels, one larger rectangular label that fits all four sizes of bottle, and a smaller circular label that exactly fits the YOUTILITY polypropylene screw cap. The dual labeling of bottles and caps helps to prevent sample mix-ups.

  • Robust but flexible

    Manufactured from a tear resistant, matt white, polyester material coated with a high performance adhesive. The print receptive top surface will accept a variety of inks, including copier, printer and technical markers. The labels are chemically resistant to typical laboratory chemicals such as disinfectants and many solvents. They have a wide -40 °C to +150 °C temperature performance range, making them suitable for use in fridges, freezers, autoclaves, incubators and water baths without the risk of the labels drying out or falling off.

  • Integrated autoclave process indicator

    The YOUTILITY labels conveniently combine the flexibility of a blank writable label with an autoclave / steam sterilisation Class 1 process indicator (ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005). The labels are non-hazardous, and free of toxic heavy metals.

  • Conveniently packaged

    The labels are supplied in a re-sealable, splash resistant box containing a roll of 200 label sets, consisting of 200 bottle and 200 screw cap labels.


Everything you need to know about the revolutionary YOUTILITY bottle system at a glance.

Cat. No. Nominal Volume
Description Height
Outer Diameter
Pack size
21 881 28 54 125 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, clear glass, complete 124 55 4
21 881 36 53 250 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, clear glass, complete 158 66 4
21 881 44 52 500 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, clear glass, complete 193 78 4
21 881 54 57 1000 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, clear glass, complete 253 93 4
Cat. No. Nominal Volume
Description Height
Outer Diameter
Pack size
21 886 28 59 125 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, amber, complete 124 55 4
21 886 36 58 250 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, amber, complete 158 66 4
21 886 44 57 500 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, amber, complete 193 78 4
21 886 54 53 1000 DURAN® YOUTILITY bottle, GL 45, amber, complete 253 93 4


Cat. No. Description Material and Colour Pack Size
29 229 28 02 DURAN® YOUTILITY Screw Cap GL 45 Food grade Polypropylene (PP), cyan 10
29 241 28 08 DURAN® YOUTILITY Pouring Ring GL 45 Food grade Polypropylene (PP), cyan 16
29 243 29 04 DURAN® Bottle Tags GL 45 Silicone. Eight colours: two bottle tags are supplied in each colour 16
29 401 00 06 DURAN® YOUTILITY 200 self-adhesive label sets White Polyester labels in a dispenser box 1x 200 sets

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